Obligation for Incoming Erasmus Students

Incoming LLP / Erasmus Students are obliged to:

1. Establish/update the list of classes/lectures to attend (learning agreements) as soon as possible (in 1 month after arrival to Poznań). Student can't change this form during the semester and in a short time before exams time because it is base to prepare Exam Card.

2. Student can't break participation in classes/lectures during its running. Institutional/Departmental Coordinator and teacher responsible for it should be informed earlier.

3. Come to classes run by Polish teachers on time.

4. Within every chosen course a Erasmus Student has the maximum of 15 class-hours of lectures (in English) and, besides that, participates in some practical classes together with Polish students. We offer module of subjects in English with our academic teachers who are responsible for the subject and obliged to do their best to help students. The module is based on proposal from incoming students (their Learning Agreements). Start of particular subjects in English depends on amount of students who are interested in its (min. 50% of incoming students). Because of financial reasons we can offer MAXIMUM 10 subject per semester from each faculty and 5 subjects for physiotherapy (not more).

5. In order to get credits in the courses a Erasmus Student should see the teachers and present the Exams Form available from the Institutional Coordinator at the LLP/Erasmus Programme Office. This form is based to prepare Transcript of Records which will be sent directly to coordinator at partner institutional in one month after finish semester.

6. Every Erasmus Student must have an insurance/health policy (for non EU members) or the European Health Insurance Card enabling a foreign student to use free medical care in Poland (cash in PLN).

7. Payment for accommodation should be done in 1 week after arrival in dormitory administration's office.

8. In case of any problems Erasmus Student should immediately contact his/her Polish partner-student, the Departmental Coordinator or the Institutional LLP/Erasmus Programme Coordinator.

We wish you a good stay in Poland!